By Admin 19th Aug 2022

Why Dubai businesses prefer shared office space over a traditional office?

Shared office space continues to be alluring to many businesses in Dubai. Both start-ups and existing businesses are opting for a business center as their choice over traditional offices. As per reports, the bulk of the leasing activity during the first six months of the year across business centers in Dubai witnessed about 35% of hype in demand.

Here are 5 reasons why entrepreneurs and businesses are opting for shared office space in Dubai:

Shared office space is always a budget-friendly option for office space for both entrepreneurs and existing business over traditional offices. Renting traditional office space is a massive overhead expense. According to reports, an emerging trend of demand for shared offices in Dubai, due to the combined effect of companies looking to reduce their capital expenditure spending and new market entrants looking to set up operations in the city with flexible contracts. When you rent office space in the traditional way, you’re responsible for paying out of pocket for all of the necessities like hiring a receptionist, electricity-water, cleaning, telephone systems, Wi-Fi and more. In business center, office space you have a very affordable charge as rent. There is no traditional way of caution deposits. AMBC is the most affordable business center in Dubai. It is very cost effective for any type of business.

Short Commitment:

As an entrepreneur if you want to impress your clients with a professional address or as a newborn business you want to attract your potential customer with a fully furnished modern office or an existing business you want to upgrade your location for meeting with your new foreign client, but you want it only for 4 to 6 months interval. One of the best parts of renting shared office space in business centers is that you can rent month-to-month for as long as you need the office. There is no need to lease for years, AMBC is providing office space with flexible rental contracts.

Ready to work:

At the business center, you can be functional within hours. You have no delays with typical contract signing, a week for Wi-Fi connection or telephone connection. Business centers are always in ready to work mode, no need wasting your time and energy behind unwanted delays. Business centers will provide office spaces as per your requirement. AMBC can provide you office space from virtual office to super deluxe cottages.

Benefitting from office amenities:

Most of the business in Dubai is preferring business centers as their office for the availability of built-in amenities like conference rooms, fully stocked pantry facilities, receptionist secretarial services backed by a highly experienced support team, free Wi-Fi and free electricity and water. You will have every professional benefit without paying any extra charges. Business centers are always fully furnished with modern interior designs, it will reduce your business expenses for office furniture and office services. You will get a professional address and it will send a powerful message to your clients and customer base.

Networking with other Business:

Literally a business center is a business community with different objectives working under a roof. It will facilitate a chance for a free chat with other business sector people, which will always boost up your employees potential and creativity. Nowadays the data is considered as business, in that case if you are in a good business community then obviously it will give potential contacts and it gradually moves as a customer base. Shared office is truly beneficial for any business to develop their brand name.

With all the perks of affordability, month-to-month leases, ready to work, professional amenities, and networking opportunities, are motivating businesses to move from traditional offices to business centers. If you have a business in dubai looking for an office with all services at an affordable price then you have AMBC in Al Qusais, Dubai.