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We offer commercial areas for businesses to operate smoothly, in AMBC. Currently we have “Virtual Offices, Economy Offices, Cottage Offices, Deluxe Offices and Executive Offices” with metro access, High Speed Wifi, Free Dewa (utility bill), meeting/conferencing facilities, spacious lounge with modern interiors.

Our main goal is to make your business life easier so that you can always do your business with pleasure.

Virtual Offices

If you have decided to run a virtual office in Dubai, it is brilliant because you save money paying rent for a physical office. In addition, you also save money on the cost associated with the day-to-day running of a physical location which could include cleaning services, electricity, security, and other utilities.

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Economy Offices

Economy Offices visually resembles a large office but it does not fully belong to just one enterprise. Inside the premises, dozens of people might be working simultaneously, being members of different teams or independent professionals. Economy offices are usually open-planned spaces where you can either rent a table (or tables) that will belong exclusively to you or occupy a new one each time. When you want to take a break, you can go to the lounge zone. For negotiations or presentations, you can book a conference room.

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Cottage Offices

An office space for rent suggests using a part of a large corporate environment. When you rent a regular office, this would be a separate building, floor or part of the floor. Your company will be self-sufficient and will not need to share public areas with other organizations. This conventional approach suits only those enterprises that are ready to fully cover the significant expenses of such a rental format. Businesses that require detailed customization of their interiors and provide an outstanding level of confidentiality to their customers might deliberately avoid integration in a shared environment.

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Deluxe Suite Offices

In Deluxe suite you will get individual lounge and multiple work station with private access.

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Executive Suite Offices

In Executive suite you will have 3 private partition cabinets with spacious private lounge and private access. Also will get a free indoor car parking slot too

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